Designs that will leave you…

Artistic Philosophy

 IMG_6262My name is Tabatha Hansen and I want to make the perfect designs for you.

New media (including cover art, logo, and illustration) is the gateway to your story and company. It is the reader’s and customer’s first invitation and leaves a lasting impression. Breathless Design feels that the design of a book, banner, or logo should be an extension of the your vision and should be a visual representation of the journey that the customer and reader go on. It is my dream to design covers and ads that showcase the author’s novel with custom cover art and illustration or the logo that represents your company’s mission. As a graphic designer, I want to work with you to create new media that is just as unique as your story. I have worked with best-selling authors for ebooks, print full covers, and marketing tools such as website/blog banners, trading cards, and bookmarks. If this is the vision you have for your dreams then look no further, I am the artist for you.


Click on the banners below to see additional portfolio artwork:

RomCon Covers-Colors

Cover Art for Authors

Cover Art-Freelance

Illustration Banner

Photo Manipulation Banner

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